ISO8583 Message Decoder

From Automationz Consulting Limited

This Utility extracts the fields from an ISO8583 message, formats and displays them.

All standard ISO8583 Fields are supported, and the field format definitions are able to be added/edited should your host use a different interpretation.

Both EMV and American Express AEIPS Field 55 Formats are supported.

The formatted fields are copied to the Clipboard for easy pasting into a log or report, in either Plain Text or RTF (table) format.

Alternatively, the formatted message can be saved to a Text or RTF file, with flexible file naming support.

It supports both Hex (i.e. pairs of characters separated by spaces, where each pair represents a Hex Byte) and Ascii (where "Printable characters" are shown as normal and non-printable characters are shown as [xx] where xx is a Hex value).

For example, this Hex level Host Trace, goes from this:

to This, with just two clicks.

Paste it back into the Text file,

or Save it to Disk (see the preset name with NII, STAN and Message Type already set).



You can easily change the
Preset Name format



and here's how it looks in the RTF file

We wrote this utility to save us time when analysing test logs. If you've been pulling EMV messages apart by hand then you'll understand how it has literally saved us weeks of time, and assisted significantly in our customers obtaining their host certification signoffs more quickly by better presentation of the test data.

You will quickly recoup the license cost in just one small project: Do the numbers. If it takes you six minutes to analyse each message, then you can do ten per hour. At $US50 per hour, then that's $US5 per message. A typical host test will have at least fifty tests. That's 100 messages for Magstripe and 200 for EMV, not to mention settlement, batch upload testing etc..........